Monday, February 25, 2008

Bike Exchange

The Novara Safari did not work out at all. Picked up the bike on Saturday and did a quick loop around the parking lot of REI. It felt odd, but figured to make a couple of adjustment at home the next day when the weather cleared.

After some discussion with the two wrences at RIE, on of whom was a touring rider, the Safari was returned and replaced by the Novara Randonee.


  1. Ahh cool, what was wrong with the Safari? It seems a little bulkier and with really wide 26" wheels I bet it feels slow. The Randonee sure looks nice ... they both look like nice bikes but this one looks a little closer to a typical road bike. Or am I missing the point?

  2. The randonee is definitely a touring bike, whereas the safari is almost a 26" Hybrid touring bike.

    while they both should be comfortable, the Safari will shine on gravel or offroad while remaining usable and somewhat efficient on pavement.

    The Randonee will be quick and responsive on pavement but be able to handle blighted country roads and gravel. The touring bike has modified road geometry and drop handlebars. And it is sexy. Dead sexy. Good choice.

  3. From the type of riding you have been writing about, the Randonee seems a better fit. A more traditional touring bike would have been where I would have steered you.

  4. Excellent choice. A few weekends ago I drove down to Minneapolis to pick up my new touring bike, a Surly LHT. After that stop, I stopped in to shop at REI. They had 4 Randonee's on the floor. It's a darn nice bike. Even though I had a brand new LHT in the car out in the parking lot, I sure was liking the Randonee. I hope it suits you better than the Safari.

  5. I like this bike. I work near an REI. I should take a look at lunch. I always have a desire for a new bike or an old, new bike.