Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

The roads were horrendous, everyone else was in the office and there were four vacation days left over from 07.

The day began with every intention of going to the office. After all, today is formal Friday. The day to wear a shirt, tie and maybe a sport jacket.
Most offices have dress down Friday, but dressing down is literally impossible in this place. A team jersey with the name of some 25 years old, steroid using multi millionaire, sweat pants, sneakers and a reversed ball cap is usually the uniform of the day. Formal Friday is the break from Jr. High school mentality, just for a day. A form of protest by the adults.

On the way to work (40 mile commute), the traffic on the opposite side of the highway was slooooow, and crowded. Vehicles skidding off the road were the cause. All young men, all pickup or over sized SUVs. You know, the one who can go really good in the snow. {{{{{Flash}}}}} Everything can go in the snow. A bicycle can go in the snow, a mini cooper can go in the snow. Try to stop in snow and the SUVs and pickups are like the battery bunny, they just keep on going. Till they hit something and flip. Not wanting to be the something that gets hit, made the decision to return home easy. (Along with getting paid for the day, of course).

Today is a snow day. Family time, shopping, and of course...
Time with the pups.


  1. If you work with such juvenile people, why dont you find another job? When you ride your you ride with any friends? Do you have any? Or do you just go down to the pretty lakes all by yourself and cry?