Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Morning in Fairhaven, Ma

The LBS offered a customer appreciation day at the local skate rink. I suspected there would be lots of kids there, but underestimated it by dozens. It brought back very traumatic memories of the days I had to chaperone when my kids went there. After a very brief visit and a "howdoyoudo" to the LBS owner, I decided to take my camera and ride around town. Here are some of the things I saw.
Naskatucket Basin

Waterfront Home

Summer Shacks

Year round beach home

Unitarian Steeple

Egypt Lane melts into the bay

Teachers quarters. circa 1845

Very shortly after the ride the cold front move in. Gale force winds whipping off the ocean changed a 45 degree nice riding day into a gusty, cold, stay in the house afternoon.

A second front arrived at the midpoint of the evening walk with the dogs. A half mile trek to get home, had the three of us returning cold and covered in a crust of snow. Nice.


  1. They don't have winter where you live? Are these photos from last November?

  2. The ocean keeps the weather more moderate because of the water temperature. 30 in the winter, 75 in summer is about average.

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