Sunday, April 13, 2008

Newport R.I. Ride

The prediction was for rain all weekend. Friday afternoon a front moved in and accelerated the speed of the storms moving through. By Saturday evening, all the moisture had passed.

Newport was the chosen ride. Downtown and the famous Thames St. where Ted Turner and all the other America's Cup sailors hung out. A turn onto Beach Road and Fort Adams, the site of the Newport Jazz and folk festivals. Ocean Drive, Bellview Avenue, with it's magnificent mansions and the Tennis Hall of Fame.

On to Memorial Drive which takes us past the beaches and Purgatory Chasm. After a few hours and 35 miles we returned to Gibbs Avenue and the home of the Colonel, an 18th century military man who is said to be still walking the halls.
Newport Cemetary, "The most interesting I have ever seen", said one rider.

Church Steeple at the cemetary

Downtown homes, circa 1800

No one wears helmets in R.I.

Carriage and Servant entrance

Regatta in front of Newport Bridge

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive or Ten Mile Drive is a winding road along the Atlantic Ocean and separates the ocean from the second tier homes. Second that is to the mansions of Bellview Ave. They are on very expensive property and fortunately the city codes set limits. None that any of us would ever worry about. These are millionaire and billionaire limits.

Once on Ocean Drive the wind was really blowing. Perfect for kite flyer's and surf watchers.
Prepping the kite.

Stormy seas on Ocean Drive

Classic VW Bus

The kite flyer

Ocean Drive inlet

The last section was along 2nd and 1st beaches. 2nd beach was loaded with surfers in full dry suits. The water temperature was still in the 40's. First beach was a mess from the winter erosion and impassable in some sections. The ride took us to the old abbey and it's burial grounds which was also the turn around. The eight mile return ride was a head down, high cadence hammer fest that got us back to the colonel's home hungry, tired and sweaty enough to call it a day.

Bellview Ave. summer home.

Purgatory Chasm at 2nd Beach

2nd Beach surfers looking alot like seals.

Graveyard at the Abbey

End of ride at Colonel Gibbs estate.



  1. Nice kite tails.

    I always check out the VW busses, too.

    Looks like bicycle wheels on the corners of that gravestone.

  2. Great pics as always! I enjoy seeing these fabulous pics, I never get too far from home so it's nice to see someone else's part of the world!

  3. That looks like a fun ride, and the photos are fantastic! I like that there's such a variety of scenery in such a short distance.

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