Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Commute Yes, Marin, No

Put the Marin back on the wall in the garage last night, and am again using the Giant. After spending a few weeks commuting on a road bike, the Marin was difficult riding. Every bike has it's purpose and the Marin is definitely not for ten mile rides when your in a hurry. The old tug has been relegated to Saturday morning breakfast and super market runs. It's time to get the tour bike down and make a few commuting runs that one.

There are two options for the first leg of the outbound commute. The main road in the Industrial Park, that is somewhat busy with semi trucks and park workers and the quiet abandoned State School grounds. Both are fine and alternating between the two serves the change things now and again.

Entrance to start of off road commute

Once inside it's a quiet ride on abandoned roads that are still in pretty good condition

Short cut to bike shop

The paths, roads and sidewalks all have large things blocking them. Boulders, fallen trees and stuff like that. It's part of the battle against dirt bikes speeding around the area. When I enter or exit the property I have to dismount and maneuver around these things. Yesterday I couldn't get my left foot out of the clip. I had been having problems, but kept forgetting to check. Fortunately I ride SPD pedals and was forced to ride clipped into one and the flats on the other pedal. Double dare fortunately my LBS is at the midway part of my commute.

Good ole Travis Bike in Taunton Ma.

The problem clip.

The problem was that I installed the base, (the part that goes inside the shoe) upside down. Two bucks at Travis got me a new screw, flipped my base and some good advice on a couple of maintanence questions. Not a bad deal at all.

I made a note to check the clips on my other shoes when I got home, but keeping in character, I forgot.

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