Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I See Trucks

My morning commute is pretty much me and the birds. A pickup, and a car now and then. It's 8 miles of quiet thought provoking bicycle riding. Then I get to the industrial park. Here I see trucks. Hundreds of them with standard trailers. But the cabs are something to behold. Some are as big as a hotel room, with kitchen, sleeping and lounge areas. I'm sure this is the only home some of these drivers own.

I have worked overtime and the late arriving trucks have found a comfortable place to spend the night. (They are not allowed to park overnight in some warehouse lots)> That's when the blue glow emanates from the cabs. The seats are swiveled to face the tv. The satellite dish is aimed properly, and I'm sure there is some popcorn popping.

Any place is a good enough place to spend the night.

One of the things I do is check out where there home port is. More often than not they are Canadian, but a big chunk of the states are represented. Some of these distribution warehouses seem to go to the horizon. AGAR, Shaw, Perkins, ColdLogistics to name a few and each has what looks like 30 or more bays for the trucks to back into. On each side of the building no less.

I arrive at the office just about the time the restaurant opens. One of the Italian joints from the North End of Boston has the concession. Multo Bene.

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  1. I used to be one of those drivers passed out in their truck waiting to unload in the AM. Your post brought back some memeories. Good and bad. My early days were not spent comfortable in the sleeper with a TV or stereo to keep me occupied. But rather you might find me draped over the steering wheel and drooling on my sock clad feet. I drove for several years without a sleeper.

    Good post. Thanks.