Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Approaching the Taunton, Ma. Green

Superior Court House

During my usual short cut through General Dynamics I came across a guy leaving the building in full gear. I struck up a conversation and he was riding around 2/3 of my route. He told me his name as a car was passing in the lot. I asked him again and his answer was just as the car next to me slammed it's door. He was on a single speed so I dubbed him "single speed on a red bike".

We were able to converse pretty freely with the very light traffic. I took him on a route that was a little longer than his normal but much safer. He was hit last year on the route I wrote about a few weeks ago. It's one I stopped riding years ago. Vindicated, is the word that floated through my brain.

He turned off near to go to the LBS after five miles and I continued the six remaining to my car. My new car.

The traffic was light for the whole ride. The three spots I have to be on my "A" game were a can o corn today. Sometimes that happens.

The weather is great for riding through tomorrow. Thursday is a wash but I have to get my hair done anyhow. So.... no matter.
Traffic was light at this left turn.

Ole Blue leans on the ride home. The new Vibe.


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