Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain? Maybe. Maybe Not.

"You riding tonight" I asked John at work.

"I just talked to a tech and he said it's raining in Rhode Island" he answered.

"I'm going out right after work, Weather Underground says no rain till around 11PM."

"Didn't you hear what I said? It's raining in Rhode Island" John said with a disgusted tone.

We bantered back and forth about the track the rain may follow and I said the downpour will probably happen at my halfway point. I could almost count on that happening when I used to golf. The farthest point from shelter and the sky opens up. But I'm putting my faith in the professional weather watchers.

After quickly changing in some riding duds I was on the road around 5:30. There was and off and on rain that was so light, one could barely feel it. The road was wet but not enough to cause any pooling. Ole Blue was feeling good, the gears were shifting smoothly and the tires, freshly topped off, offered a smooth hum as we spinned along at a comfortable mid to high teen rpm.

A two hour ride gave a really good fitness workout while still providing childlike fun that riding a bike often presents. The air hung thick under the threatening clouds and light traffic, which allowed me to zone out and enjoy the evening.

I wanted to get home in time to work on this blog, take the dogs for their evening walk, have dinner, and watch the 8PM US/Costa Rica football World Cup Qualifier. Now that I write this out it seems like a lot. Things improved when I noticed that the 8PM start was MT, translating to 11PM here. No problemo.

This ride was on the country roads away from the coast. As mentioned the traffic was light, but fast. Most vehicles speed along at around 50MPH in this usual 30MPH zone. The roads are plenty wide for sharing, and most crossed the solid line to the left to give me lots of room. Mainly locals driving these roads, which are also very popular bike and motorcycle routes.
Wide, wet and quiet

I take most of my photos on the run so to speak. The camera is stored conveniently in the handlbar bag. It's very simple to reach in, hit the on button and snap a photo or two. Very seldom stopping to get that perfect shot. In the beginning a few years ago, the technique made for some shaky riding, but in time it became very easy and natural.

Trailer homes on Main St. Acushnet, MA.

Handy man's shop that really could use a handy man to tidy things up.

Keith's farm is expanding. They only had peaches and apples for years.

Boats at a blueberry farm.

Mattapoisett Chowder House. It's not bad but there are lots of really good seafood places in the area.

There was no weather problem during this evening ride. Such a heavy, quiet evening did bring on a little melancholy and will also provide an "I told you so" moment at work tomorrow.


  1. Many of my best rides have been accompanied by quiet, gray, light rain days, too. There's something about those conditions that make me feel more connected to the moment.

  2. Great job, riding despite the rain. I don't ride in the rain often, but many of my rainy rides turn out to be the best.