Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Night in Mattapoisett

We only ended up doing 10 miles but we did lots of talking.  Brandon is leaving for Texas in a few short weeks and I decided to cancel the bike tour this summer, sell two of my bikes and buy a real nice road bike. I was considering joining a group tour or  riding in Canada and upstate NY.  The fire that was there was put out when Brandon got the job in Austin.  A new bike would be a nice retirement gift also.  I have already talked with Travis Cycle and have a bike picked out.

We rode the MUP to Mattapoisett and spun around town for a while.  We did have to spend a little time on busy Rt. 6 but everyone gave us plenty of room.   We stopped for a coffee a DD (double D) before returning through the Reservation Golf Club property.  It's kind of crazy that the road splits the course and one hole requires a drive over the road and oncoming traffic.

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  1. Austin is a great city, I hope he'll enjoy it there. I lived there for a few years, and really enjoyed it.

    Sorry to hear that this messes up your tour plans. Hope you find some other plans that you like.

    What kind of bike are you looking at? I'm hoping to get a faster road bike sometime in the near future, too.