Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sconticut Neck, Fairhaven MA.


A 10 mile ride brought us to  the point of the peninsula.  It's called Sconticut Neck and it's an area of house on stilts and platforms to stay above the ocean tidal surges.  Some have to be as high as 20' to conform to code.   Hurricanes have taken out houses in the past and probably will again.  During the ride on Tuesday, I regretted not bringing my camera.  Today is makeup day. 

I also made a decision on a new bike and bought a 2009 Felt Z45. The cash came from the tour cancellation and the bike is my retirement gift to myself.

The New Felt


  1. Cool pictures, and the info along with them really sealed it.

    Love the bike! I look forward to reading more comments about how it rides. I bet it feels incredibly fast, especially compared with your touring bike and your Marin.

  2. Those stilt houses are cool. It would be nice to spend a night in one with the windows open.