Monday, May 10, 2010

Tour Changes.... Again.

Brandon is taking a job in Austin, Texas and will be leaving on June 1st.   That puts a really bad kink in the summer tour that were were to embark upon on July 12th.  I don't enjoy riding alone and figure if I'm doing something for fun, like bike touring, I should enjoy it.   With that in mind, I'll be looking at other things.

Even though the original ride around Lake Ontario and Upstate NY is not out of the question, I am leaning heavily toward a fully supported group tour of the Erie Canal.   Big groups are ok and Brandon and I rode a while with the Erie Canal gang in 08.     I did do a group tour last year and left them after two days.  I didn't like it at all because of the route, and too many of the regulars, who tour every year with Rails to Trails, were very demanding and annoying.   I felt bad for the organizers and workers for the gruff they took. The Erie Canal parallels bike rt 5, which makes it easy to ride alongside the tour but not with them, if that strikes your fancy.

June 4th is my last day of working, so I have no issues with dates.  That's a nice feeling.

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  1. I'd like to do a group tour, but I'd want to "pre-approve" the people. I guess that's what I'm doing this weekend with the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour. For some reason, it's a group ride with no difficult people.