Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feeding the Homeless

There has been ample help at the shelter for the new daily breakfast cafe.  I tried to make eggs to order using pans, but they were too cheaply made to use for bulk cooking. Even using oil, they had to be washed after every order as opposed to being wiped down.  From now on everything will be cooked on the grill.

Biking at 5:15 AM is not bad this time of year.  It's been drizzling for the commute and tomorrow has heavy rain predicted.  I'll decide on bike or drive then.

I have been averaging just around 440 miles a month riding since retiring.  The upcoming weather will certainly put a crimp on those 30-40 mile late morning rides soon. I may do one of those Thursday or Friday when the rain finally clears out.

I didn't do a bike tour this year but really didn't miss it.  I am however researching next years tour.  The contenders are Hungary, Croatia, Belgium/Holland and upstate New York.  I know, I know, but the Erie Canal is a wonderful seven day ride that I wouldn't mind doing again, and compared to the others, it's very inexpensive.

The European trip would be with Vermont Bike Tours, who we have used before and really like.

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  1. Because it's not my money, it's easy for me to recommend that you take a tour of Belgium/Holland. I'll tour my neighborhood in the meantime.