Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hats Scarfs and Gloves.

Bike can also be used for shopping

At 5:15 AM the bike ride to work is on the low side of cool.  Not cold yet, but it makes one say "brrrr" none the less. Those were the signs to get the winter stuff out of the attic. It's time to trade in the wool cap for a stocking cap and scarf. The fingerless riding gloves for full fingered gloves and the light socks for woolen. Soon the ride will require a face mask and long johns.  For the experienced winter commuter, this is nothing more than dressing for the weather.  Those new to bike commuting may be thinking of hanging up the wheels.

Before that happens, try a couple of cold weather rides.  Not necessarily the regular commute, but a ride to the library or market.  Maybe it will become apparent that winter is not a time to stop biking, but simply a time to change how we bike.


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  2. Indeed ... I'm amazed at how many people are saying, "The season is over!" To me, the weather's just starting to get good. Their loss ..

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