Monday, October 11, 2010

West Island

Miles         17
Max speed 16MPH
Ave speed  9.9
Pedal time  1hr 43 mins.

Wifey and I did this ride together three years ago and it's about time for a redo. Temperatures in the low 70's made this Columbus Day a nice time for a bike ride. Also, being the hiking representative of the clan, she doesn't ride that often and this ride allowed for a bit of training for next weekends thirty five mile fund raising ride.

We rode to the south beach section where there still stands the coastal watch tower.  During WWII the civil defense would man these looking for German U-boats.  Not unlike the movie, "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming".

We came across a very unique and groovy looking building.  The property is a summer retreat and the owners did some very creative building designing.

On the return trip we came upon a few bike riders and formed a critical mass ride.

Watching for U-boats

Creative building design

Their own little island connected to West Island

 Wigwam Beach

Critical Mass.  Fairhaven style

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