Monday, October 25, 2010

Foggy Bottom

It was one of those mornings you would expect in a horror movie.  With Halloween so close, it's only apropos. Yes, there was a foghorn blaring from the middle of the harbor.

The warming trend will continue for a few days, even reaching into the low 70's.  It almost feels like summer is approaching.  But those of us who have been commuting for years know what's really about to happen.  Until then, we will all enjoy any respite we may get.

The city is tearing down the pedestrian overpass and converting the highway to a divided boulevard. That will do good things to calm the traffic and make the area more pedestrian and bike friendly.

The book needed to be returned and there was still a few chapters to read.  This is the scene that kept me company while reading at the boat ramp access area.

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