Friday, December 3, 2010

A Few Words to the Choir

It's really cold today?
Yes it is

Aren't you freezing riding a bike?

As part of the choir, your reading this and maybe nodding along. We get the above comments daily. It annoys some of us. It makes some angry, but it also makes us part of a pretty special group. Outdoor people who realize the benefit and joy of doing things other that driving and sitting on a couch watching TV. We are part of the winter activities group now. The type of person who adjusts to the elements so we can continue doing something we enjoy. If it was difficult or painful, just about all of us would stop doing it. As members of the riding choir we can testify that commuting by bike in the winter is fun, cheap and healthy. Aaaaaand, if you dress right, it's not cold either. 

Spending a week in the topics for a week long birthday celebration for your son is also fun if your with the right bunch, add a "ky" to the end of fun. I submit the following evidence.

As usual. Click once for big, click again for bigger.

Quick Quiz.  Guess my favorite subject in this photo.

Disco Night in Panama

Part of the funky

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  1. Looks like a super trip. Must have been cool to ride along the Panama Canal – checking one more off your list of canal rides.

    “As usual, click for big once and click again for bigger.”