Thursday, December 9, 2010

It Wasn't Bad At All. The Weather That Is

 This reminded me of workers in the South.  Lots of guys standing around looking at a hole in the ground.

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At 5AM I retrieved the papers from the front porch. It was crisp and clear with no hint of wind. WMVY radio my station of choice forecasts a high of 34 with the current temperature at 16F. By 5:30 it had warmed to the low 20's. From experience I knew that sans wind, that is not bad riding weather.

I was about to go out and start the car to warm it up for my 5:30 ride to work when my conscience kicked in and reminded my why I have bikes and winter cloths. I put a couple of layers on and rode into the darkness. It was the first day that the long john bottoms came out of storage and along with two pair of socks, my bottom half was fine.

A tee shirt (for cooking at work), a turtle neck, gloves and winter jacket took care of my upper torso. A face mask and stocking cap kept my head warm. When I got to the shelter some five miles away and was confronted by the crew about biking in this weather I told them that actually the only thing cold was the tip of one finger. Like many have written on various bike places, "once you get the wardrobe sorted out, it's not bad riding in the winter.

 Above and below.  Shelter volunteers

Sights from the ride home

Unitarian Church of Fairhaven

Fairhaven Town Hall

Congregational Church of Fairhaven

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