Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Miles

It's the coldest week of the year and I will exceed 100 miles of biking.   Go figure.  Part of the reason is that one car is in the shop and wifey needs the other.  It forced me to ride in sub freezing temperatures and it also made me realize that sub freezing does not translate into being cold.   The clothes thing you know.  Also the fact that there are two commutes every day really adds the miles.

Here's what got my attention the last two rides. Excuse the blur. It's a new camera and I'll work that out.

As always, click for big. Click again for bigger
A gaggle

Freighter riding high. Almost empty.


Coasting down Union St. to the New Bedford, Ma waterfront. 
Freighter booms can be seen in the distance

Fishing boat getting refueled by a fuel barge.


  1. That marshy area is beautiful! You sure are riding a lot of miles ... good going!

  2. I too, like that marsh shot and the way you framed it with the tree branches.