Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time Travel

A short ride or walk up the MUP can transform one over a hundred years in time. It's a place to bring out of town guests for the fter dinner walk.

At one time the town of Fairhaven was farm land. The stone walls, which are evidence of pastures or fields, are everywhere. One area in that has not changed in all those decades is Lopes Farm. The old trucks and buildings are still used. Every day the farmer is down by the silo shoveling coal into 50lb bags for sale.

Douglas is the resident guard dog who never leaves his yard and may or may not sound the alarm when something is amiss. Depending on his demeanor at the moment.

Truck still in use, although it never leaves the farm.

The barn

The tin roof of the silo blew off 4 or 5 years ago.

The back of the barn

Douglas, the sometimes guard dog.


  1. Love it! Great snapshots of life on the farm. There's a very interesting farm near our MUP too, I don't know the story behind it, but this makes me want to find out!

  2. Makes me want to head out that way sometime. Like the dog theme you've got going here.

  3. This is RIDICULOUS. That is my family's farm. The photos of the "barn" you took are not even the Lopes farm property, it's the neighbors. The farm is no longer a working farm either and hasn't been for a while. There are no farmers shoveling coal...that is one of their seperate businesses. And, there is NO dog on either property. What a SHAM, a totally made up story based on photos with backstories you made up. Get a life.
    Signed, a Lopes daughter