Sunday, January 23, 2011

Biking The Beaches of Southern California

The Surprise birthday trip took us all to Santa Monica California.  After an evening arrival we gathered at a Mexican restaurant for a light dinner and heavy drinking. That combination eliminated one rider from our Saturday bike ride along Santa Monica and Venice beaches.

There were lots of running groups this day and my suspicion is that they may be the same club but different levels of runners.

The beaches are full of fitness "freaks" who do some out of the ordinary routines and most are really fit, naturally. 

 Besides the fitness freaks there are plenty of the regular type of freaks. (so to speak)

It has been said that dog and owner often resemble each other.

 Most importantly.   Bikes and their riders. 

We ended the day at the US/Chile soccer match at the Home Depot Center and got a new Facebook wall photo.

Next stop on the birthday bus.......Palm Springs  for a bath

1 comment:

  1. Well, were you surprised?

    Looks like you not only had a nice trip but some "fair" company (and fair weather) as well! Of course, you had to give up a "Winter Wonderland" back here in MA to do it. By the way, we're getting another 12 inches on Wednesday. Plan your arrival accordingly!