Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surprise Birthday Trip

When wifey turned 60 the boys and I took great pains to plan a trip without her knowledge.  I told her how to pack and just go with the flow. At the airport check in she found out where we were going and of course it was on her list.   She and I spent a few days together in St John's in the Virgin Islands.    On the 5th day, we chartered a small sail boat for a moonlight cruise.   During the cruise the boys came on deck from down below to add another layer to the surprise.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful vacation.

Tomorrow is payback.  Wifey has the same set up for me.  We are flying out of Boston to lands unknown to me.  I have two possible destinations as a guess.  Both are because I am such a fanatical football fan and also a coach.  My choices are Barcelona because they are playing Racing (rah sing') on Saturday.   However, the US is playing Chile on Saturday in LA.  Hmmmmm.    We'll see. 

It could also be Iceland.  Or Bermuda.