Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Adventure Part II

The birthday adventures continued with a hike to Deep Creek in San Bernardino county. A desert hike that took us two miles into the canyon, to the river.  We had to cross the river that was unbelievably cold.  It was worth the hike and the crossing pain because once across there were hot pools of water that had seeped out of the mountain. It was bath temperature

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Beginning the hike to the river

The hike got steep

And steeper and deeper

We were not alone, but who is complaining

 The water was so cold it felt like we were walking on nails 

The landowners cabin.  $5 per person to access the trail

 A long dusty ride to the main road

For part three of the birthday trip the boys flew home to Boulder and Atlanta and wifey and I drove to Palm Springs. 

Stay tuned

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