Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Finale

The birthday week in California was a hit.

We had a Thursday midnight flight to Boston out of LA which allowed us to lallygag some before the two hour drive to LAX. We decided on the Mount San Jacinto tram. . It was the Palm Springs highlight and the $23 fee was a bargain.

The bike ride around Palm Springs was lame. We both found the place a very mundane. It's pretty much a retirement city with a casino. The casino people fit the stereotype perfectly. You know the type. It's the guy at dinner wearing his cap, but his lady doesn't notice because she is on her cell phone. They are both fat and smoke. The world famous Follies made us both feel like we had been flimflammed. Kind of like the Irish clan that offers to put a new roof on your home for an unbelievable cheap price. Watch the video on the link and decide for yourself.

The boys only stayed for the weekend but before they left we took a hike to Deep Creek. A 10 mile drive up dirt roads, a five dollar entrance fee per person allowed us to hike two miles into a canyon, cross a creek so cold that it felt like someone was banging your feet with a hammer. It was neck deep in places by the way. The reward was to sit in natural hot springs. The family loved it. I liked the hike, even the strenuous hike out of the canyon.

We finished the trip with dinner in Santa Monica, where the week began with a bike ride to Venice Beach, before returning to LAX for the red eye to snowy Boston.

California is a place we both like as a winter getaway. Especially Santa Monica which is very cool. We will be back.

View of Palm Springs Valley from Mt. San Jacinto

Round Valley Trail Mt. San Jacinto
 Hiking the trail at the top of Mt. San Jacinto

View from the tram


  1. Beautiful pictures. I have never been to Cali, but I hope to go there in the future. I need a break from the snow. :)

  2. I've always wanted to ride that tram. Looks awesome. I'll do it someday...