Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cemetary Crawl

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Riding today reminded me of college Pub Crawls only these were cemeterys.  These were very old and were family plots used for generations.  One had two babies buried in the late 1792.  I thought it was amazing that that was 220 years ago.   220!  Incredible.

These plots were on what was at one time the only road in the area.  No doubt dirt and probably no more than wagon tracks.  

There is nothing wrong with the routes I have when I begin riding from home, but sometimes a new route is necessary just to keep things kind of fresh.    I drove around 10 miles to a lot that allowed me to do a 28 mile loop on quiet rural roads.   As usual the first few miles were a slog mostly because it was constantly riding up a slight grade.   Eventually I settled into a rhythm and even climbing the hills wasn't bad.   Slowly my bike riding fitness is improving and the miles are piling on.

Crossing under the highway Rt. 140 in Lakeville, MA.

This right turn takes a rider back in time to the original roads of the 1700 and 1800's

Town of Berkley Ma.  inc 1735

The first of many family plots.

Two year old and four year old.  Both died in late 1700's

Rt18, The old road to Boston.

Keith family plot.

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