Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Wind is My Friend

 Distance 25.2 miles
Ave Speed 11.2 MPH
Saddle Time 2:15

Finally, a day good enough for a long bike ride. Less than a minute after deciding to head to Providence and ride the East Bay Bike Path , the winds picked up. So much so that going for a bike ride was losing it's appeal. A friend declined to make the 35 mile drive to the head of the path, and decided instead to fertilize his lawn. (He is new to biking and doesn't yet know the art of procrastinating.) For me, the upcoming Five Boroughs Ride in NYC was enough motivation to get me out riding, even though along the bay, the temps hovered around 50F. But as always for bicycle riders, a couple of dozen pedal strokes melt away any anxiety or doubts about riding.

Adding up the $$$ as this tanker offloaded it cargo of petroleum

 Low Tide

I don't know what this was all about. They were young and my guess, high school ROTC

These self shots always come out much to serious. (and jowly)

I knew there was a wind at my back but really didn't now how stiff it was blowing.  When I reached the turn around point I realized that I had a 13 mile ride ahead of me, with a 30 MPH sustained wind in my face.  There must be a name for this kind of wind and another rider said it best.  "This is wicked pissah".   If you live near the ocean this photo will tell you all you need to know about the wind.


The outbound miles were a breeze, so to speak. Returning was a slog, but a good slog.  Just keep saying, "the wind is my friend. The wind is my friend."


  1. Sometimes the wind helps keep you strong; how could you not say that's a friend?

  2. As much as I like biking, wind just kills it for me.

    And why is there never a nice tail-wind to help you? :)

  3. The wind is your training partner.