Monday, April 18, 2011

A Long Holiday Ride

Distance        45 miles
max speed    35.6 MPH
Ave speed    12 Mph
Saddle Time  3:35 

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The old Nantucket Light Ship in Wareham, MA.

I crossed paths with Dave yesterday. "He said how about a holiday ride tomorrow? "Wareham? I responded" 
Another friend wanted to ride with us because he was fed up with his regular hammerhead companions. He says he feels like he is holding them back and he also wanted to do a different route than the three the others have been doing for two years.

Paul just got clipless pedals and shoes to go with them and this was his first time riding with them. He didn't disappoint.
First clipless fall.

We got to our original destination in Wareham, MA and I suggested we ride on to the town of Buzzards Bay, MA and the head of the Cape Cod Canal. When we turned onto route 6 in Onset I looked back to take a photo of Dave.  That's when the ghost rider appeared.  Non of us knew he was behind us until this photo was developed.

Who is that guy in the yellow jacket behind Dave. We never saw him live, but he sure is there.

We all rested a bit before the wind in our face 25 mile ride back home.  Paul liked the idea of riding for the sake of riding and not being concerned with cadence and speed.  I think we have a new member to our two man group. 

Our next plan is to drive to the head of the canal walk over the Bourne Bridge (above), ride the Cape side of the canal, then walk over the Sagamore bridge, (below) and return on the mainland side.  That will be a twenty mile ride, but the way the wind blows here it surely will feel like more.

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  1. I always love your picture often capture what words just can't adequately describe!