Sunday, April 24, 2011

Golf? Nah.....

Distance 21.8 Miles
max speed 22.7 MPH
ave speed 12.3 MPH
Saddle time 1:45

The early morning fog kept the visibility to under a quarter mile.  The temperature was very mild and lo and behold, no wind.  After walking the dogs it was a no brainer to hop on the bike for a quickie.

I stopped for a snack and drink at the public golf course in Rochester, MA.  This is the place that on the fifth hole, a par five, where I packed up my clubs, walked off the course and never returned.  That was six years ago and I was one over par at the time. One guy looked at my bike and commented,

"Where do you keep your clubs?"

"In my attic" I replied

Last summer I went to the driving range to try a bucket of balls.  I hit a little more than half of them and left.  Golf is completely out of my system now.  As a matter of fact, one of the regrets of my life is the time I spent on golf courses over the years.


  1. I enjoy golf, but I haven't been out more than once each year for the past three years. Biking displaced it. If I get the chance, I'll play, but I'd rather ride.

  2. Ditto what the Noob says. For a sporting activity that consumes a lot of time, I'd rather be cycling.

  3. I barely knew my dad because he golfed every free moment. I was glad when we moved to a place with a tough winter. That ensured he spent some time with us for at least a portion of the year.

  4. Good laugh at the "one of the regrets" comment. 5 hours. Which would you rather do? golf or ride? easy decision for me at least, but I'm a terrible golfer.