Friday, May 17, 2013

Ride To Work Day In New Bedford.

I don't work but had lots to do.   The day started with a bike ride to the fitness center.  After a good shoulders workout I headed over the river into New Bedford to have coffee at Center Cafe on Brock Ave.  To my surprise a friend who lives in Seattle was visiting with his daughter and was also at the cafe.  It ended up as a nice reunion for us.  Back to Fairhaven for lunch with Dave before returning to New Bedford for a dentist appointment.   The total bike was just under 30 miles.  Not a bad bike to work day for a retiree.  Not bad at all.

Harpo and his daughter. Both from Seattle.  

My home now has the no vacancy sign on display since we opened up to guests.  Fabio from Milan is staying with his friend Kate from Pittsburgh while they are getting their newly purchased sail boat ready.  Also our friend Gunna   (goon'ah) from Norway is with us for a few days.  Norwegian cheese and chocolates have been topping off our dinners of great Italian pizza and avocado and cheese sandwiches on fresh bread.  Washed down with good wine of course.

Fabio from Milan working on his new boat

Sue and Gunna checking out the new boat with Kate. 

Lots of different sights on the ride today and of course there are always good photos of the activity around the New Bedford/Fairhaven bridge.

 Me and the bike stopped for lunch at Hungry Heroes.

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  1. I seen you John! You your little velo hat on! I tried calling out to you...You rode by while I was working on my sailboat on my driveway!