Thursday, May 30, 2013

Same Ting Like Lassss Time.

The title is written to show how it sounds in the local dialect.   The Fairhaven to Wareham ride solo this time.  I'm still working out the new Garmin bike computer.  It seems I need to manually pause the thing when I stop riding, otherwise the stats are way off.

  The temperature hovered around the 90 degree mark but was not a problem on the bike. It certainly didn't feel hot.   There is really nothing new to say about this ride because it's a regular route and pretty much everything about the route has been blogged.

I am posting the Garmin link for those in the local bike community who may want to use the route for one of their own rides.  It's a nice rural, very low traffic ride.  From my lunch spot in Wareham center it's another easy 6 or 7 miles to the Cape Cod Canal.  When I'm in a little better shape, I'll Garmin that ride on this blog.  Stay tuned.  For now though click   HERE     for today's ride.

There is a recovery of a very large cranberry bog in progress.  It seems the bottom dropped out of the business for a few years but all indications are that the crop is once again very profitable around theses here parts.

Click any photo for big. Click again for bigger.  (as always)

There is a very old sign in Rochester, Ma center that probably dates back to the 40's or 50's.  It's pretty unique and also well maintained by the town.  It's a milage and direction to various cities and towns on what once was the main route before the super highways.   Water for the horses or radiators was also available. Not now though.  The pump is locked

Rest stop at the Rochester Ma. Library. 

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  1. John,just use you're average moving speed for you're average mph. That's what I do. I used to try shutting it off whenever I stopped, but then I would forget to turn it back on.I only pause it now on long breaks during a ride.