Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Evening Ride

It was the best day of the season to date.  High 70's, no wind and sunny skies. The ride began around 5:30 just as the temps were dropping.  It was still nice, but it was also long sleeve weather.  The route of choice was the back roads of Fairhaven, Acushnet, Rochester and Mattapoisett.  Twenty miles of low traffic flat riding.

Spring has arrived and is showing off her colors.  The grass is green, the flowers are in bloom and the trees are budding.  Not only does spring require twice weekly grass cutting, but also gutter cleaning.  Those buds we have been waiting for weeks to sprout bring a cloud to fill the silver lining.  Not a big deal, just saying.

A great weekend riding the five boroughs of New York City has awakened the desire for another road trip.  This one will be in Maine sometime in June.  It will be in the Portland, Freeport area where I rode over the Thanksgiving weekend titled Friday Afternoon Ride in the State of Maine.  Three of us will make the trek and surely will turn it into another great biking weekend.

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