Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When That Foghorn Blows, She Will Be Coming Home.

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The day began with a short ride to the fitness center and after the workout I decided to ride to the south end of New Bedford, Ma. to one of my regular morning coffee stops.  It's around seven miles from my home but it's flat and bike friendly.

Most of the churches in town are either closed or close to it with the decline in religion in the area.  This building has been transformed into a wonderful home for a lucky family.

The humidity was up there and the sun had not yet burned off the fog.  Last week I rued the fact that I did not have my camera on an early morning ride.  I now make sure to keep it in my handlebar bag because one never knows when a photo opportunity will present itself.  A couple of nautical sights caught my eye and I tried some different techniques to get the best shots.

Boats under repair at Popes Island facility.

 Trawler heading out to sea for a long trip

Gulls sunning on the pier near Davy's Locker in New Bedford, Ma.

This hurricane barrier will soon be turned into a bike path by the city of New Bedford, MA

Freddy of the New Bedford Bike Committee will soon have his sail boat launched. 

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