Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cape Cod Rail Trail

The CCRT starts at the S. Dennis trailhead parking area, conveniently located just minutes from Route 6 on Route 134. Get off at Exit 9A and head south on Route 134 past Patriots Square plaza and Cumberland Farms. About 1/2 mile down from the exit you'll see a sign and parking lot on the left - turn here for the trail entrance.
Distance 50 Miles give or take
Click Here for the Map My Ride Route and stuff. 

I had hear a lot about this trail over the past couple of years. Many friends talk about wanting to ride the MUP but I only got "it's pretty good" from anyone who actually rode it.  There were very few people on the trail this Wednesday afternoon.  Actually there was not much of anything.   As often the case on Rail To Trails, they can be isolated.   That is the case with this trail which boarded by trees for the most part.  The only downtown that is right next to the trail is Brewster and all the others require you to leave the trail and ride a bit on a regular road.  No scenery and no people made for a ho hum ride.

The best I can say is that it's good exercise but really there is very little to see on the trail and I doubt very much if I will ever ride it again.  To add insult to this, I left my bike computer home forcing me to use Map My Ride to get the mileage.  This is one of those trails that is good for the locals and tourists to use as an alternate route by bike.  Even the photos were disappointing on this ride.  I struggled to try to find anything interesting and the best I found was a few sea birds, some Adirondack chairs and an empty general store.    I did get some fitness done today so there was an up side to this ride. 


  1. John, where did you start the ride?

  2. Sounds like you road to the end in Wellfleet. I always visit the Salt Pond visitors center and ride the Nauset Bike Trail. There's a boardwalk there with great views.Then I visit the Marconi Station and beach area for some fabulous beach views. I agree with you, it can be a ho hum ride unless you get off and check out the other places.