Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shining Sea Path. Falmouth to Woods Hole, MA.

 Ferry to Martha's Vineyard at Woods Hole MA.
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To reach the Shining Sea Bikeway, take Route 24 south to 1-495 south to the Bourne Bridge. From points north, take Route 3 south to the Sagamore Bridge rotary. Follow the signs to Buzzards Bay/Falmouth, then cross over the Bourne Bridge. From Bourne Bridge: travel Rt. 28 south to Falmouth. Exit on Rt 151, bear right. Stay straight on Nathan Ellis Highway which turns into County Rd. at the traffic signal. Continue on County Rd. a few dozen yards. The parking lot is on the right just after passing the Art's Bike Shop and crossing the RR tracks.

Distance: 22.58 mi
Time: 2:45:26
Moving Time: 2:08:40
Elapsed Time: 2:45:26
Avg Speed: 8.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 10.5 mph
Max Speed: 17.0 mph

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My bike friend Paul mentioned this ride in his blog last week.  It's one of the Rails to Trails routes I hadn't hear of till then.  After riding this one it went into the "keeper" category.  It's only 11 miles from Falmouth to Woods Hole, MA, but its a really sweet ride.  Flat, with lots of New England ocean scenery and Woods Hole is a wonderful place to hang out while having a light lunch.

Initially I drove well past the head of the trail in Falmouth. Fortunately I met a really nice couple from Connecticut who were about to embark on their bent bikes.  Those are the three wheelers you ride while almost lying down.  They gave me good directions to get back to the trail head which was eight miles back.  We crossed paths again a little later as I rode from the trail head to where we first met.

Crossing paths with the couple on their bents.

I met a few guys who were touring the area.  They are from Upstate NY and were on their way to the Vineyard for a couple of days.  They were having the time of their lives touring on the cheap by camping and cooking their own meals.

A little further down the path something crazy caught my eye. Tipi's.  Three of them off in the woods.
When I saw the name of the campground, Sippewissett an obvious Indian name, tipis made sense.  The other thing was a soda dispenser near the trail.  The campground ran electrical service to run the dispenser and my guess is that they do a pretty good business from those passing by on the trail.

Two of the touring guys from NY. at the Ferry Terminal 

 Lunch spot as Ferry leaves the dock for Woods Hole

Inlet at Woods Hole Ma. 

 Tipi at Sippewissett Camp Ground

Yes, the vending machine is working. 

End of the line. 


  1. John, glad you enjoyed it. Our Cape Caper ride is coming up and the 40 mile loop used the bike path on the return leg, last time the ride was scheduled.Have you checked out the boardwalk up by the canal before? You can't ride it, no rails, have to walk across it.It's on the 60 mile loop of the ride.

    1. Paul: I'm doing the Woony ride in Providence Saturday. It's one of my faces and this will be my 4th time.

  2. One of these years I'll do it. Saturdays are a busy day for me.

  3. I'm going to Water Fire that night, I may see you at the Basin if you're staying for the after ride party.