Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dressing For The Cold.

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Hearing the weather reports last night had me looking forward to today's commute.  The clincher was a forecast of sunny and no wind.  Those of us who worked outside for many years know that it's easy to dress for cold and be comfortable and that wind changes everything.  There was one bad ice spot on the bridge sidewalk that forced me to walk 20 yards. Other than that the commute was fine.

I did get to the bridge just as it closed to land traffic.  I could have scampered through the barriers and had a good chance of not having to wait for the boats to pass through. Obviously by the following photos, I decided to wait.  I still did the scamper thing when the bridge was almost back in place and made it to my turn off, a half mile ahead,  well before the first car was allowed to pass over the bridge.
The Phoenix Rail Trail at 8AM

Lil Nell returning from diesel delivery.

 A closer look at Nell

Take note of the guy in the brown jacket smoking on the diesel barge

One last trip before Christmas

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