Monday, December 2, 2013

Aloha From The Big Island

The 19 hours of travel face. 

We arrived in Kona Friday evening after 19 hours of travel from Boston.  Two plane changes, one in Minneapolis and one in LA added a few hours to the trip.   It took a day to recover from the lack of sleep but we are all good now.

I was thinking of renting a bike, and still may but we have lots to see and do and biking may get in the way, which is something I never thought I would ever say.  But, family first.

We are pretty much in the middle of the lava fields staying at the Wiakaloa Kings area. Today we took a side trip to the north and within a few short minutes the terrain began to change.  Lava, to prairie looking and finally to the lush green landscape that we all vision Hawaii to look like.  Number one son and spouse will arrive tomorrow after a few days of hiking and camping on the volcano and we will begin the birthday celebrations then.  Number 2 son and mom both celebrate the 5th and number one son on the 14th. They are making all the plans and ma and I have been relegated to the back seat of the car. We have come full circle.

The view from the room

Pouolu Valley at the north end of the island

 Wind farm at the lush north side of the island

Lava field where we are staying.