Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Work Commute and Other Stuff

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The typical question is "how do you ride in this cold?" Although the temp was 17 F this morning, cold was not the definitive word.  A couple of weeks ago I was in Hawaii and took a dip in the cold plunge pool.  That was cold.  Today wearing 4 layers, two pair of sock, a wool had, gloves and a face mask, I was chilled.

Work is a volunteer job bringing the bell ringers to their assignments.  Today with the approaching storm the morning traffic was horrendous.  Other things went wrong also that required me to backtrack to the office twice.  Instead of a 45-60 minute work day, today was three hours.  I got home wiped out and almost needed to take a nap. 
When Tony is not offloading cargo ships down the docks, he dons his gear and becomes a bell ringer.

Part of my gang having one last smoke before boarding the van

                                          People waiting to sign up for Christmas voucher

                                                                My transportation

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