Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summer Tour

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There is a major snow storm heading this way. There is no better time to start planning for a summer bike tour.   A week, for me, is the near perfect amount of time to pick a destination, get there, hop on the bike and ride for a few days.   I have been saying since, oh, 2008, that I was going to ride DC to Pittsburgh.   Last year I and a couple of friends narrowed our summer tour  almost daily until we finally decided to ride this route.  For sure, we all said, no turning back. We are definitely riding DC to Pittsburgh.  A thirteen hour overnight drive followed by a 6-8 hour train ride really put the squash on that.  I had the time but my two riding partners were limited to 9 days off from work. We did Lake Champlain which was no more than OK.

This year I again am focused on riding the C&O/GAP but unlike past tours, this one will be fully supported.  I'm getting the itch for touring just researching all my options but I'm also looking forward to a pretty good snow storm.

CLICK HERE to view our Lake Champlain tour this past summer.

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  1. Thinking strongly of a local tour next summer to lay with gear. The BIG plan is do some portionif the Pacific coast in 2016 or so, so between now and then will be the yearly buildup. The Next year 2015 TN, NC, VA kind of thing.