Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Runny Nose and Popcicle Toes

Yesterday's training ride just may be the impetus to get me into riding for fitness again. Commuting is fun, but these faster rides kind of get to you.
Noah, a blogger in Kansas City, is going to find this to be true very shortly. Maybe it's the nicer weather and more daylight. Whatever, biking just feels better the last few days.

I did the same 21 miles but today I took my camera along. A couple of things that seemed so unique yesterday, like the golfers and horse farm, today felt mundane. I think the cold got to me. My nose was running the whole ride and my toes felt like popcicles.

The cranberry bogs are planted and fertilized. The different color flags? Someone knows why, but not me.

New houses are being built that are the size of small hotels. Most have a family of three or four. I passed by one that had a camper that is bigger than many trailers I have seen a family of four live in. The VW is a nice touch. Kind of reminds me of the extra large pizza with four toppings a side of fries and a diet coke.

I also saw a few guys cutting lawns. Every one was on a riding mower. This blogger can sure use some help with the connection of riding mowers and guys with size 40 pants.

Here are the photos, that were all taken in Rochester, MA.


  1. We have that McMansion thing going on where we live as well.

    We are 50 miles from Balto/DC and some folks move here because the prices are about half of what they are down closer to DC.

    A 1 to 2 hour commute everyday?

    That's insane....

  2. Cranberry bogs! Now that's different. Don't see any of those here in Virginia. Cotton, soy, and corn appear to be the marketable crops in these parts.

  3. There are some old cranberry bogs in a town nearby the Shakers created 150 years or so ago. They have since gone fallow. A few attempts to bring them back have fallen short because of funding issues.

    Size 40 Pants and lawn tractors! I resemble that remark. Although I have been tractorless now for over 7 years, I would gladly swap the 5 mile walk through my 2 plus acre meadow for a nice 21 Hp Deere with cup holders on board.

    And I was gonna get one. I should be sitting on one right now. But Life has a way of spending our money on other things that pop up unexpectedly. Sigh. Another year of hoofing it for 5 hours/week or bi-weekly attempting to keep Ma Nature at bay.

  4. Sarah and I were recently discussing how many huge houses are going up around here. I simply can't imagine what you would do with all that space. And real estate is fairly inexpensive here as well, but still ... those folks must be completely loaded.