Friday, May 11, 2007

We're Even

I have read often about riders having confrontations with motor vehicles. Yesterday was the first time I was sure someone tried to force me off the road purposely. He was upset that I was in the middle of a lane at a stop light, to allow right turning cars to go behind me. Seems like I was too slow crossing the intersecion when the light changed.

The huge pickup pulled into a McDonalds (go figure) and I rode up. It's true what they say about size issues and big trucks. This mousey little guy driving was so apogetic, and pathetic, denying everything. "Oh sorry, I didn't see you. But you were weaving all over the palce". (Nice observation for someone he didn't see). Looking like a cop on a bike, does have it's privledges.

The truck was very big, with double rear wheels. The color was very unusual as was the plate number. In other words, it cannot be mistaken for another vehicle. I was angry for a long time, fantasizing on what I would do if I saw it again.

There are times when wishes come true.

I'm not angry any more. *>)


  1. Did you let him have it with an "so...what are you overcompensating for?"

  2. At least you got to speak with him. My close encounters have all been of the hit-and-run variety. All I'm left with is the aggravation and the sure and certain knowledge that eventually this too shall pass.

  3. I hate people who give no courtesy to bike riders. Jerks

  4. I hate that sort of stuff. I wish I could just get over it and ride on. But I haven't been able to yet. I fume for hours, sometimes even days.

  5. Sheesh. Why am I not surprised? We've just been talking about this compensatory issue over at my place. Grrrr.

    Glad you came through unscathed.