Sunday, July 1, 2007

Village Bike Shop Ride

Slideshow of todays ride

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Finally. I have been wanting to join the Sunday ride at Village Bike for two years. When I arrived this morning and saw the riders preparing I began to think, "well....another group ride alone". I don't have any interest in riding with the fast groups. My bike is not set up for that with the handlebar bag, rear rack and trunk bag. I also don't think they would allow me to ride with them unless I change clothes. I don't wear road kits. Mine are a cross between commuting and messenger wear. Actually one rider thought I was the farmer who provided a cooler full of water and gator aid at the 40 mile mark.

The shop owner, Jim, gave a brief safety lecture and also explained the goodies the ride was offering. If you saw a flag, stop and grab and envelope. They contained LBS gift cards. He put us all on the honor system and said "one per person". Being last I didn't expect to ever see an envelope and was surprised to find one at the last flag. My riding partner and I shared the 2 pack gift of anti chaffing stuff.

This route started us on quiet country roads that took us to this unique barn that has been converted into a breakfast restaurant.

Next we visited Westport Point with it's neat harbor filled with lobster boats and kayak adventures.

Quiet roads, country homes and wonderful scenery greeted us at every turn. The cool 70 degree temperatures kept us comfortable enough to do the 40 miles with only a couple of very short breaks.

We passed the Buzzards Bay Brewing company. I don't know if anyone outside the area knows about this local micro brew. Some get know nationally and some don't.

Next Sunday, I'll try to convince Sue to join me on the alternate loop. We may even stop at the beach and have lunch while making this an all day ride. Could happen.


  1. Wow, that looks like a really fun route. I like the decaying roof. Glad you had a good time, and I hope you can persuade your wife to come with you next time :)

  2. I really enjoyed the slideshow. That looks like a fun ride, with a variety of scenery. I haven't heard of Buzzard's Bay Brewing Company -- as much as I like microbrews, I'm no expert.

  3. Wow, looks like a beautiful place to ride, and there's a micro brewery on the route! Reminds me of the John Denver song: "country roads, take me home, to the place I belong..."