Monday, December 31, 2007

Gunnar and the Five Princesses

Ding dong!
The door bell sounded around noon this crisp Sunday buy our friend Gunna. (Gunna travels from Norway two or three times a year to visit our neighbor Gloria). This day in his best Lake Woebegon accent, he wanted a ride to the waterfront to take some pictures. He has been asking Gloria and for three years she has been promising to take him, "maybe tomorrow".

Gunna is a former Norwegian Navy man. Following his military tour, he spent time in the Merchant Marines of his homeland before signing on to work ocean tugs out of Brooklyn. Gunna spent most of his life on the ocean and during his tug boat days visited the port of New Bedford.

The holidays bring most of the fleet of over 400 vessles home to the two ports of New Bedford and Fairhaven. Fairhaven is on the east side of the Acushnet River. New Bedford is the setting for the book, "Moby Dick", and Gunna spent some time in the local watering hole "Pequod" lounge, named after the ship in that novel. It's now Freestones City Grill

Whale watching boats in harbor.

The Mayflower


FV Westport

Lobster Pots

Gunnar and the Five Princesses

Rust Bucket

Dino getting ready to ship out

Gunnar overlooking the harbor

Nationa Whaling Historic Park, New Bedford Ma.


  1. Looks like the "rust bucket's" last and maybe only job had been laying cable of some kind. Active waterfronts are always interesting.

    Happy New Year!

  2. mrmacrum:
    That reel is for the nets. The boat type is a "dragger". Besides the catch, these guys pick up some interesting stuff off the bootom. Things like mines.

  3. Woah, it's the Mayflower (II)! Awesome. My ancestors came to America on the original, which I'm pretty sure I've mentioned here before.

    Gunnar sounds like quite a character and seems to be enjoying those five princesses!

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