Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Library Run

The Phoenix Path was deserted on this cold winter morning.

It was time to make a trip to the local library. Three books in the works all came to their conclusions within a few days of each other. One that was recommended by a crazyguyonabike.com friend, Carsten Hoefer , "Paris 1919".

"A wonderful book on the disastrous peace that followed the war is Paris 1919 by Canadian historian Margaret MacMillan. (Publisher: Random House) Paris 1919 is an eye-opener that shows how the roots of many current conflicts can be traced back to the various peace treaties and the war's aftermath - in the Balkans, Turkey, Palestine, but especially in regard to Iraq, which was cobbled together to provide an additional throne for the Arabs. Apart from being an accomplished historian, MacMillan is the greatgranddaughter of British prime minister Lloyd George, who lead the British delegation during the peace talks."
Carsten Hoefer

The second, by way of the C&O canal yahoo group, "The Canawlers",

Mr. Rada presents an interesting slice of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal boatman’s life set against the backdrop of the turbulence and uncertainty of the American Civil War. The use of the canal as a route on the Underground Railroad is also woven into the plot which reveals how hard work, a strong family and difficult times could come together along the canal.

Lastly, a historical look at the building of the Erie Canal Wedding of the Waters.

Upon completion, the Erie Canal stretched 363 miles across New York state from Albany to Buffalo, linking the great port city of New York to the interior of the United States. This work tells the story of the building of the canal and its impact on the economy. The author describes how the canal came to be through looking at the individuals who came with the plan, the politicians and businessmen involved with its implementation, and the engineers who saw it to fruition. He sets the narrative of the canal within the overall context of concurrent economic and political developments.

Fairhaven Ma. Town Hall

Millicent Library

Securing the transport

Every full moon, FCB Fairhaven plans the "Full Moon Fiasco" bike ride. Pub 99 is the meeting place and it's only a matter of time before the Fiasco is the "ride to ride" in the area.


  1. One of the things I love about riding bike/hike paths in the winter ... you've got them to yourself.

  2. Wow, those are all fantastic photos. That sure is a beautiful library. I told Sarah she should apply for a job there.

    And that lonely bike path looks so inviting.

  3. Hey, kinda unfair there's no snow on the ground.

  4. I have always enjoyed canals. I did a sizable portion of my growing up years within walking distance of the C&O Canal in Montgomery Co., MD.

    Back in the 80s, my wife spent a week in Rome, New York participating in a basket making workshop. I went along but took my bike. Over the week that followed I rode over 70 miles on the tow path and enjoyed an afternoon and a cool intoxicating bevrage on the deck of a sail boat returning to Toronto from an around the World trip. I was fascinated by the lock system. The owner of the boat and I began talking while the lock filled, and he invited me on board.

    Canals IMO represent one of Man's best efforts to harness nature without impacting like we do now.

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