Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Ten Degrees Cooler On the Coast

I was sweating bullets getting the bikes ready for our special Tuesday ride with the kids Uncle Terry, who is up from the Smokies for a conference in Boston. The LBS owner said, "stay along the coast" when he heard me moan as I spotted the 101F sign on the bank across the street. When we began riding we noticed the cool breeze instantly took some of the bite out of the heat.

Wifey and Terry on the boardwalk.

The guy was right though. As soon as we approached the coast the temps became very comfortable. The three of us, (uncle Terry, wifey and I)followed the Village Bike route Brandon and I did two weeks ago in the heavy fog. This time we meandered and noticed that the area seems much more "hoitty toitty".

A small house in a field of really big houses.

One of the really big houses.

Cabins for rent on the water

Quiet and very hot.

The oldest General Store in America

We road along the beach for a few miles to The Bayside Restaurant. It's the first certified "green" restaurant in Massachusetts. The outdoor dining area provided a great view of Audubon's Alens Pond Sancturary, Buzzards Bay and the Elizabeth Islands. They serve a variety of flavors from the Buzzards Bay Brewers located two miles away.

Terry at the entrance to Buzzards Bay Brewery

Earlier in the day, Terry and I took a ride around Fairhaven and split a small order of some really good New England style clam cakes. Smothered in vinegar.

That's where we ran into John Kennedy the son of a friend, who was one of the better soccer players of Fairhaven High. Johnrecently returned from a stint working in Taiwan, and he was good enough to help us even out the portions of the clam cakes.

John at Tiananmen Square


  1. I knew I should have quit my job and gone along with Terry. Looks like you are all having a great time. My mouth started watering from the clam cakes picture. Take care and stay outta the sun...Right! Love to all. LK

  2. Looks like a fun ride, and some good food. Hope you manage to mostly stay cool, that heat sounds pretty brutal. We were up around 90 degrees last weekend but it's cooled off a bit since then.

    Your wife sure is right on the edge of the road in that first shot. Yikes!

  3. Where did you get the clam cakes??

  4. We got the clam cakes from a guy working out of a camper. "The Clam Cake Man" at Fort Pheonix in Fairhaven.

    Wifey was just accelerating from a stop to have some water. She doesn't usually ride there.

  5. Great to see you again, Coach Sullivan, and a pleasure to meet your friend Terry. Thanks again for the clam cake.

  6. Oh man, those clam cakes look illegally good.

    My uncle used to make clam cakes at his hole in the wall Dairy Maid....its a parking lot now.

  7. It was 59 degrees here in Minnesota this morning.