Sunday, June 1, 2008

Villiage Bike Sunday Spin

The day began in a dense fog as we set out on the Village Cycle Sunday spin. Today's ride maxed out at 50ish miles and covered four towns and two states. Westport and Dartmouth, MA. as well as Adamsville and Tiverton, R.I.

As usualy the 20+ riders led off followed by the rest and very quickly the groups organized accordingly. I got dropped early when my shoe lace caught in my chain at around the fifth revolution of the pedals. There were plenty of side trips, cut outs and turn around options to satisfy any number of mileage or levels of difficulty.

Westport Point is a small portion of the village section of town. A mix of locals (turnips) and summer residents (skewks). Not being of either genre, I find it amusing to watch the bantering between the two groups. Actually, the summer residents are the "Old Yankee" money form New York and Connecticut.

Quiet country roads lead to the Acoaxet (ah coax it)Club, a very exclusive private place with golf, tennis, beach and all that. It is located on the point of a peninsula and there was a noticable drop in temperature the cold ocean breeze embraced us.

Grand homes and 19th century Inn's were our companions, some beginning to fall into disrepair for who know why. But some are also very well maintained.

The price on the pumps was 32.9 cents/gallon

The thirty mile route we chose took us along the ocean for a bit before bringing us inland through the farm country and rolling hills of Westport.

Lobster boats at Westport point

The road to the beach.

Buzzards Bay Brewery

Finally the sun poked through and it started to get really warm.

Crossing the Wesport River

The homestretch and last hill.

As usual, Midnight couldn't contain himself when I came home.


  1. Nice ride.

    That surfer photo reminds me of another blog I just read.

  2. What a great time to get down there. I am guessing the real madness of summer has not kicked into high gear.

    Like the tag you gave "Midnight".

  3. Wow, those are some gorgeous shots. I love fog, at least from an aesthetic standpoint. That looks like a fantastic ride.

  4. Always great to see shots of completely different terrain.

    And did you see USvSpain?

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