Monday, April 12, 2010

Full Training Mode

Lots of riding and other fitness stuff is going on. The fitness is the 100 pushup and 200 squat routines that are floating around the web. Orignally they seemed a little nutsy but then, what the heck. It can't hurt. Actually the added excercise feels good.

The tour is set finally. Buffalo to Toronto to Montreal to Albany. Two weeks give or take a day or so on either side. We will ride around Lake Ontario with our Canadian friend so that planning is out of our hands. We only need to get to Toronto for the start. The route from Montreal to Albany is still up in the air. We can take Bike route 9 along Lake Champlaign or move a little west and return on the Adirondak Park Loop, which is much more difficult.

If the training goes well and we feel we have enough oomph to cross the mountains fine. We'll do Adirondak. If not Bike rt 9 is our backup.

1 comment:

  1. Don't you just love the 100 pushups and 200 squats? I absolutely love doing squats. I found the pushups much harder. I'm going to do the 100 pushups again after the CN Tower climb.

    I'm getting more biking in to get my backside toughened up for 5 Borough. Everything else is all ready.

    My dad is going to be here this weekend, so I'll try and give you guys a call either Sunday or Monday evening.

    Have fun with the pushups.