Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vermont Cheddar

We found this great little roadside stand  on rt 30 in VT. and had a wonderful Polish lunch.

Wifey got the itch to get away for a couple of days.   She did some reasearch and as usual found a very good deal.   With that we sent the dogs to their favorite kennel, put a couple of days worth of food and water out for the cat and drove to Manchester Vermont for a two day stay at the Equinox Resort and Spa.  We did some shopping and some browsing.  The shopping was at places like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor to name a couple.  The browsing was at Brooks Brothers and Armani outlets.   I did see a really nice sport jacket in the 50% off rack at Armani that  I could have purchased is for $795.   The hook was.....no tax.    I didn't like the look so I passed.

The walk to the shopping area was around a mile and a half.  On the way back it started to drizzle and we were also returning via the back roads, just for something different.   On that walk I spotted a hawk and told wifey look over and up.  That's when she took a "diggah".    A diggah is different from a fall.   It has things about it that saying she fell just doesn't paint the whole picture.  I watcher her incorporate four falls into one.  Fret not, there was no injury, damage or pain. 

When she looked up, she stepped on the road edge where the tar meets dirt.  Usually a person stumbles, the knees buckle then they recover.  Wifey, in this case did not recover.  Her knee almost hit but she took to giant steps forward then fell on her hip.  Done deal?  Nope.   Next she pancaked onto her belly before finally putting her ear to the ground to see if she could hear buffalo.   The whole thing was a slow and gentile fall that was not unlike someone getting into bed.  After making sure she was fine, the laughing fit hit me.  It looked so slapstick that I couldn't help myself.   Then again the only thing funnier I saw was a very out of style guy in his late 20's walking down a street giving a car full of high school girls his best George Clooney look and turning just in time to smack the telephone pole full face.

Any how,  Manchester is a decent get away place.  Golf if you do that,  hiking, shopping, overpriced restaurants and pampering in the spa.   If you get a good price, it worth the trip.

We drove the back roads to this place so I could get a feel for biking in the area.  One of the tours I am interested in doing takes me up rt 100 in Vermont to the Canadian border and into Montreal.  Lots of rolling hills and a couple of mountains to cross, but the traffic has been absorbed by the interstate.  It is really good riding routes. 

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  1. When we still lived in MA, every spring my wife and I would get the motorcycle out and make a daytrip from Gardner, MA, through Keene, NH, up to Manchester VT, go up to the top of Ascutney, ride over into NY, then follow Rt.2 back to Gardner. It was always a long, beautiful day through some of the most amazing scenery I've ever seen. Thanks for bringing back the memories.