Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer Biking and Soccer

Everything is pretty much in place for the summer activities, especially biking.  This weekend is the in Five Boroughs Bike Tour   in NYC.  Registration was cut off at 30,000 participants, but we managed to get in by registering early.  The thing about this ride is that if you get caught in the family section near the back of the pack, your going to do a lot of walking. Every incline and every bridge poses a major hurdle for the thousands of novice bikers that participate in the event.  Since we are staying in Staten Island, getting to the front of the line requires some innovation.   If we find ourselves in that family section we ride over to 8th Ave and beat feet all the way to Central Park and get as far away from the novice riders as possible.    Doing that will allow us to finish the ride between noon and one pm intead of closer to four pm.

May 25 till July 9th is booked for the FIFA World Cup.   A few of us are traveling to New Haven Ct and Philly for the send off games of the USMNT.   My family will be gathering in Boulder the first couple of weeks in June to watch the opening round and we all feel good about the US advancing to the round of 16 at least. England will be difficult, but we should be able to handle Algeria and Slovenia.

Brandon and I will drive to Albany NY on or about July 11 and board the Amtrak with our bikes bound for Buffalo.   The following day we will embark on our two week bike tour.   Figuring on two day to ride to Toronto via Niagra Falls, we will meet up with Crys in Toronto for our Canada leg of the tour to Montreal.  Crys will train back to Toronto and Brandon and I will continue back to Albany via NY Bike Rt. 9.  We are looking at taking a one or two day detour to Lake Placid to check out the Olympic sites and maybe ride over a mountain or two.

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  1. Hope this tour is better than last summer's, you've got the right idea, doing your own thing instead of a supported tour. Looking forward to reading about it!