Sunday, April 4, 2010

Working Easter

I have been giving up my scheduled work weekends in anticipation or retiring.  This weekend  snuck up on me and I  didn't realize I was working till Friday which was too late to ask someone to cover for me.   BTW both days are time and a half, so they are usually easy to give away. 

Saturday I decided to move my commute from the 6 mile to 11 mile ride.  I drive part way and have a few places to park that give me different mileage options. It was pretty easy and I planned on doing the same on Easter Sunday.  However when the alarm sounded I decided to roll over and sleep in and drive to work.  

The office is 40 miles inland from home and when I leftat 4PM the temperature read 80F. I was disappointed at not commuting today and decided that I would ride after work.   As I drove toward the coast I watched the temps drop and finally settle in at a comfortable 67.

 I decided to do the loop that I routed when I first got back into biking a few years ago.  It has a few mileage options and I ended up riding 21 miles this day.   My conditioning needs work I found, but that will improve quickly over the next few weeks.

It's only three weeks till the Five Boroughs Ride in NYC but I have no worries about being ready for that one.   It's the summer tour I need to do the extra training so I can cross the Adirondacks without calling 911. That's not till mid July. So plenty of time to prepare for that.


  1. remember, it's not "training"; it's "having fun"

  2. I've got to get my backside back onto my bike. I've only been out a few times so far.