Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You Rode Today?

Arriving at the kitchen at 6AM, wheeling the bike into the store room and all activity stopped. The stares of disbelief because I rode my bike today. It was 22F but with a 30 mph wind the chill brought it to single digits. The look on the faces when I began to disrobe and they saw the beads of perspiration.

Actually I didn't feel the cold at all, but the wind got me. It was like climbing a mountain. Because of the wind I was behind schedule. As I approached the swing bridge the traffic light turned yellow, then green again. A few seconds later, yellow, then red, then green. I figured out that the bridge tender was telling me to "chop chop" and get onto the span so he could close the gates to traffic. Once I passed the first barrier, the bell sounded, the gates closed and the process of opening the bridge began. It takes around three or four minutes for the span to drop six inches to allow the bridge to swing open. That gives me plenty of time to cross, hop over the gate and be on my way. I'll have to bring the guy a coffee or something tomorrow.

Wifey and my little Lucy made the cut in the Animal Shelter Calender. They are October gals.

The reason dogs have so many friends is because they wag their tails, not their tongues.


  1. I haven't biked in a couple of days, but I totally understand about the wind situation. I think biking on a windy day is one of the most challenging things (I haven't biked while snowing, though). I always say it feels like you are pulling an anchor behind you. Not fun at all.
    I love the picture, its very cute! :)

  2. People's reactions can be funny. We've had single-digit ambient temps with even lower windchills ... yup, still riding to work. People are pretty flummoxed, though they are getting used to it.

    Cool photo of the wife and Lucy! Very cool that they made the calendar.