Saturday, January 1, 2011

"First Day" Hike

There were lots of choices in activities to welcome in the new year.  A bike ride, a row on the Acushnet River, a couple of walks, and runs.  We chose to hike the Blue Hills just outside Boston.

There were a few choices of guided hikes of different levels and times.  Because we had hiked these hills many times wifey and I chose to go out on our own.   We did a mildly strenuous hike which took a little over two and a half hours.  The weather cooperated with the temps hovering around 50F for the duration.  I did see a couple of road bikers out for a ride, but on this occasion, I didn't envy them in the least.

Groups forming for different levels.  Red flag means very intense hike.   We opted out of that one.

The towel was to dab the perspiration on this winter hike.

There is always another hill to climb

Climbing to skyline trail

Two of the friendlier hikers on the trail 


  1. great way to start the year. And what should the Merengues do now that they're without Hinguain for the rest of the season? You're a man with futbol ideas.

  2. I did a ride & hike on New Year's day. Looks like you got to do a great hike. The rock scramble looks difficult, and probably slippery. Funny that it was so warm but still plenty of snow on the ground.